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Preface of Proceedings

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Selected papers presented in 2014 conference were recommended and published in following special /regular issues of following referred journals-

Decoding-LucknowJournal of Consumer Marketing’ – Special Issue : From the Emerging Markets Conference Board , Volume 32 Issue 5 includes selected papers presented in 2014 EMCB Conference organized by CMEE. Click here

Selected papers presented in 2012 conference were recommended and published in following special /regular issues of following referred journals

Marketing Intelligence & Planning


ISSN: 0263-4503
Volume 31 issue 2

Published: 2013, Start page: p111
Special Issue: Future of research in marketing in emerging economies
Guest editor(s): NareshMalhotra and Satyabhusan Dash


Marketing innovation: a resource-based view of international and local firms
Suraksha Gupta, NareshMalhotra (pp. 111 – 126)
Keywords: Competitiveness, Emerging markets, India, Innovation, Innovation in marketing, International organizations, Local firms, Marketing, Resource-based view
Article type: Research paper

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Gender and beauty in the cosmetics sector: A comparative study of Indonesia and Korea
Jaeil Kim, WoongHee Han, DongTae Kim, WidyaParamita (pp. 127 – 140)
Keywords: Advertising, Consumer behaviour, Cosmetics, Cosmetics advertisement, Culture, Indonesia,Korea, Korean wave, Male decorative model, National cultures, Religion
Article type: Research paper

The nature and antecedents of brand equity and its dimensions
Ravi Shekhar Kumar, Satyabhusan Dash, Prem Chandra Purwar (pp. 141 – 159)
Keywords: Brand equity, Brand experience, Hospital service, Hospitals, India, Patients
Article type: Research paper

The impact of institutional variables in new high-tech product development processes: The moderating roles of perceived risk and project duration
ShashiShekhar Mishra, K.B. Saji (pp. 160 – 178)
Keywords: Design, Dominant design, Emerging markets, Institutional variables, Network externalities, NPD process, Perceived risk, Product development, Project duration, Technology, Technology acquisition intent
Article type: Research paper

Challenges in Western-Chinese business relationships: the Chinese perspective
Byoungho Jin, Hong Yu, JiHye Kang (pp. 179 – 192)
Keywords: Business practices, China, International business, National cultures, Values
Article type: Research paper

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Journal of product & Brand Management


ISSN: 1061-0421
Volume 22 issue 1

Published: 2013, Start page: p6
Special Issue: Research in emerging markets: advances in product and brand management
Guest editor(s): Professor K.B. Saji


Exploring branding strategies of FMCG, services and durables brands: evidence from India
BikramJit Singh Mann, MandeepKaur (pp. 6 – 17)
Keywords: Branding strategies content analysis, Brands, Corporate brand, Family brand, Fast moving consumer goods, India, Individual brand
Article type: Research paper

Investigating the role of firm resources and environmental variables in new product commercialization
K.B. Saji, ShashiShekhar Mishra (pp. 18 – 29)
Keywords: Dominant design, Firm resources, Market heterogeneity, Network externalities, New product commercialization, New products, Resource based view of a firm, Resources, Technology acquisition intent
Article type: Research paper

Discerning product benefits through visual thematic analysis
AbhilashPonnam, JagrookDawra (pp. 30 – 39)
Keywords: Categorical data analysis, Data analysis, Data reduction of categorical variables, Multi-dimensional scaling, Newspaper benefits, Perceptual maps, Thematic analysis, United Kingdom
Article type: Research paper

Role of content strategy in social media brand communities: a case of higher education institutes in India
KalpanaChauhan, AnandanPillai (pp. 40 – 51)
Keywords: Brand community, Brands, Community management, Content strategy, Corporate branding,Customer engagement, Higher education, Higher education institutions, India, Social media, Social networking websites, Web 2.0
Article type: Research paper

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Journal of Indian Business Research


ISSN: 1755-4195
Volume 5 issue 1

Published: 2013, Start page: p6
Special Issue: Consumers and Marketing in Emerging Markets
Guest editor(s): Anita Goyal and MoutusiMaity


Consumer insights for developing markets
Russell W. Belk (pp. 6 – 9)
Keywords: Consumer insights, Developing countries, Emerging markets, Ethnography, International marketing, Qualitative research
Article type: Viewpoint

Reinventing marcom for the new marketplace
Don E. Schultz (pp. 10 – 16)
Keywords: Emerging markets, Innovation, Marcom, Marketing communications, Modelling, Research
Article type: Viewpoint

Determinants of customers’ online purchase intention: an empirical study in India
ArunThamizhvanan, M.J. Xavier (pp. 17 – 32)
Keywords: Buying behaviour, India, Internet shopping, Online purchase intention, Online trust, Prior online purchase experience, Retailing, Shopping orientation, Young adults
Article type: Research paper

Mediating roles of commitment and corporate image in the formation of customer loyalty
Harsandaldeep Kaur, HarmeenSoch (pp. 33 – 51)
Keywords: Commitment, Corporate image, Customer loyalty, Customer satisfaction, India, Mobile phone companies, Satisfaction, Trust
Article type: Research paper

Customer usage intention of mobile commerce in India: an empirical study
Rakhi Thakur, Mala Srivastava (pp. 52 – 72)
Keywords: Consumer behaviour, Customer adoption, India, Innovation, Mobile commerce, Mobile communication systems, Technology acceptance
Article type: Research paper

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An IIM Lucknow  Journal of Management Research
Volume 11, (1) 2012


  1. Rising to the challenge : market research in emerging economies
    Peter MounceyLucknow, ISSN 0972-6225, ZDB-ID 24341083. – Vol. 11.2012, 1, p. 12-14
  2. Indian Premier League and Team Brand Building: Validating the Spectator-based Brand Equity Model in Context of Television Viewers
    Anish Yousaf Naik, Anil Gupta
  3. Study on Cross-format Shopping Motives and Shopper Typologies in Emerging Food and Grocery Retail Market in India
    Cherukuri Jayasankaraprasad, Bandaru Srinivaasarao, G. Kathyayani
    Lucknow, ISSN 0972-6225, ZDB-ID 24341083. – Vol. 11.2012, 1, p. 15-35`
  4. Cutting Edge Research: to Build Predictive Price-volume Model Quantitative – Research&analytics (with an Example of Indian Tyre Industry
    Dhruv Bhardwaj, Dwip Ratan Das, Mohan Krishnan, Sanjeev Singh
  5. e-suvidha a Citizens’ Perception Study
    Shalini N Tripathi, Masood H Siddiqui
    Lucknow, ISSN 0972-6225, ZDB-ID 24341083. – Vol. 11.2012, 1, p. 64-81
  6. Understanding Indians Purchase Behaviour Process: Luxury Apparel Sector
    Varsha, Jain, Sonal Pingle, Aarzoo Daswani

Regular Issue

International Journal of Market Research

  1. Mohanta, S.K., Mishra A and Dash.S.B(2012).
    Understanding the Rural Consumer’s Behavior in Context to His Ecosystem: ATelecommunication Perspective.
    International Journal of Market Research, 54(5), 603-612
  2. Malhotra, N, Mukhopadhyay, X, Liu, X &Dash,S.B(2012)
    One, few or many? An integrated framework for identifying the items in measurement scales
    International Journal of Market Research, 54(6)
  3. Mistry P, Samant, A(2012).
    How research assisted the rollout of a mobile agriculture information service: the day Peepli went,
    International Journal of Market Research, 54(5), 603-612

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